Round up: Toomey's Government Shutdown Vote Shows His True Colors

Last week, Pat Toomey joined with his fellow GOP "hardliners" to vote to shut down the government. Toomey's vote showed his true colors. He is one of the original Tea Partiers, and he joined his fellow extremists to shut down the government and harm the American economy.

Senator Pat Toomey joined a small group of conservative Senators including Ted Cruz and Rand Paul in an effort to block cloture on a bill that would prevent a government shutdown. [PoliticsPA, 9/27/13]

U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey seems willing to shut down the government over Obamacare. [Morning Call, 9/27/13]

Toomey, a Democratic target in a state that tilted blue last year, sided with GOP hard-liners in a key procedural vote that split the party between its establishment leaders and rising stars of the right. [Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/27/13]

It's one thing for unruly populist Tea Partiers in the House to bring the country to the brink of shutdown every few months or so; it's another altogether when 19 members of the more cautious (read: sane) upper chamber join the "wacko-bird" caucus too. [Philadelphia Magazine, 9/27/13]